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ECAL - CV - Media & Interaction Design

The Media & Interaction Design Unit of the Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne (ECAL) is the major partner from the Ecal's side. It belongs to the Visual Communication Department. Head of the unit is Alain Bellet.
Within the department's teachers, Christophe Guignard and myself (Patrick Keller), as well as Angelo Benedetto (that is also in charge of the Visual Communication Dpt) are involved.
Bram Dauw, a former MID student now graduated will work as assistant on the project.

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ECAL - Industrial & Product Design

The Industrial & Product Design Department from ECAL will be involved in a lighter way depending on the needs and direction of the project(s). But as the overall project is quite transversal, micro-spatialities and objects will be part of it.
Head of the department: Alexis Georgacopoulos.
Assistants on the project: Adrien Rovero (until mid july) and Aude Genton (both graduated from ECAL in Industrial & Product Design).

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ECAL- Visual Communication

The Visual Communication Department from ECAL is also involved in a general way through the presence in the project of Angelo Benedetto, the Department's coordinator.
He will redirect questions or needs to other Visual Communication's Units (Graphic Design, Photography, Cinema) if necessary.
Assistant for the Ra&D project: Tatiana Rihs (graduated from ECAL in Graphic Design. Actually doing a master).

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