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fabric | ch

fabric | ch, a swiss based "architecture & research" studio who's works link world wide networks and local space, materiality and immateriality, ... (and that is therefore specialized in the creation of experimental spaces and architectures in close connections to emerging technologies, information and communication technologies in particular) has joined the project since its start back in June 2005 and worked around it up to now.
Their work was mainly to develop spatial propositions, produce a spatial tracking software for Workshop_4 and will work on the extensions of the AR Toolkit software, linking it with some of their open source spatial softwares (Rhizoreality.mu) as well as with the development done by the EPFL.
fabric | ch is composed of two EPFL's architects (Christophe Guignard & Patrick Keller), a telecommunication engineer (Stéphane Carion) and a computer scientist (Dr. Christian Babski).
Their works have been presented or exhibited mainly in Europe and Americas (Siggraph, ISEA, File Rio & Sao Paulo, Centre Culturel Suisse - Paris, PixelAche, ART | Basel, DIS Boston, Architectural Association - London, Festival Lyon Lumières, MAMCO, EPFL, ICA - London, etc.)

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EPFL - SWIS - Swarm-Intelligent Systems Group

The Swarm-Intelligent Systems Group of the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Prof. Alcherio Martinoli and Post-doctorate assistant Julien Nembrini have joined the Variable environment/ project and worked around Workshop#4 between June and December 2006.
Prof. Martinoli's laboratory belongs to the School of Computer and Communication Sciences, Institute of Communication Systems of the EPFL.

SWIS laboratory is a member of the Mobile Information & Communication Systems, a National Center of Competences in Research.

The area of interest of the laboratory is in swarm-intelligent collective robotics.
Within the context of this collaboration, we will work with the E-PUCK (see img below) platform. The goal is to develope a human - swarm bots collaboration with a minimal spatial & lighting function for the bots.

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Loop.pH - Rachel Wingfield

Loop.ph's Rachel Wingfield has joined the *variable environment* research project in november (27.11 - 01.12.06) for a week of workshop about reactive patterns and ornementation.
Rachel Wingfield is also currently a research fellow at Central St-Martins in London. She's graduated from the Royal College of Art with a MPhil in Textile and her interests (as well as the ones of Mathias Gmachl, co-founder of Loop.pH) goes into biomimetics, patterns and smart patterns as well as sustainable products or built environments.

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Philippe Rahm, Architect

The architect Philippe Rahm has joined the *Variable environment/* Ra&D project for a week of work with the assistants.
Mr Rahm's architectural works and space experimentations deal often with invisible or physiological aspects of space. Distortions and displacements are at work in its architecture revealing new spatial conditions.
Several books have been published about his work, among them Physiological architecture by Birkhäuser editions and Distortions by HSX editions in partnership with FRAC Lorraine and Centre Culturel Suisse.

Philippe Rahm is also a teacher for architecture at the Architectural Association, London and at the Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio.

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Ben Hooker - Dataclimates - Royal College of Art, London

Ben Hooker will join the project for a workshop beginning of May.
Ben has collaborated with Tony Dunne and Fiona Raby on several research projects for the Royal College of Art (i.e. see the FLIRT or the PRESENCE projects). He is the founder of Dataclimates, an agency that has interests in research, architecture, contemporary space and interaction.

Ben Hooker was also a teacher at the Royal College of Art, Interaction Design (MA) and at Central St-Martins College of Art & Design, Graphic Design (BA), until 2005.

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EPFL - STI - Signal Processing Institute

The Signal Processing Institute of the EPFL (Swiss federal Institute of Technology), Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi and Phd student David Marimon Sanjuan are partners of the Ra&D project Variable environment/.
The Institute belongs to the "Sciences et Techniques de l'ingénieur" faculty.

David Marimon's PHD research is about an EPFL's extension (vision and signal processing) to the open source software AR Toolkit. The software they are working on is therefore dedicated to Augmented Reality.

Check out a description about their technology HERE.

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ECAL - CV - Media & Interaction Design

The Media & Interaction Design Unit of the Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne (ECAL) is the major partner from the Ecal's side. It belongs to the Visual Communication Department. Head of the unit is Alain Bellet.
Within the department's teachers, Christophe Guignard and myself (Patrick Keller), as well as Angelo Benedetto (that is also in charge of the Visual Communication Dpt) are involved.
Bram Dauw, a former MID student now graduated will work as assistant on the project.

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ECAL - Industrial & Product Design

The Industrial & Product Design Department from ECAL will be involved in a lighter way depending on the needs and direction of the project(s). But as the overall project is quite transversal, micro-spatialities and objects will be part of it.
Head of the department: Alexis Georgacopoulos.
Assistants on the project: Adrien Rovero (until mid july) and Aude Genton (both graduated from ECAL in Industrial & Product Design).

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ECAL- Visual Communication

The Visual Communication Department from ECAL is also involved in a general way through the presence in the project of Angelo Benedetto, the Department's coordinator.
He will redirect questions or needs to other Visual Communication's Units (Graphic Design, Photography, Cinema) if necessary.
Assistant for the Ra&D project: Tatiana Rihs (graduated from ECAL in Graphic Design. Actually doing a master).

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