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Re-blog of Rolling microfunctions

The Rolling microfunctions project (an "autonomous dot matrix printer for functions") has been rebloged and shortly commented two weeks ago by Bruce Sterling on his Beyond the Beyond blog (WIRED Magazine).
The Rolling microfunctions project was a result of Variable_environment's workshop#4 with fabric | ch and SWIS-EPFL laboratory.

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Régine Debatty (aka we make money not art) mentioned yesterday the *Variable_environment/* project blog as one of the "cool blogs" that have emerged last year.
Well, thank you Régine!!
I'm more than happy that people can enjoy our rhizomatic journey through this research project.
Don't miss this LINK to look at many other interesting art, architecture or design's blogs.

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A3) EPFL's Alumni Journal publication

Workshop#4 that is still under development has been published into EPFL's alumi journal.
The overall publication is dedicated to the "design & engineering" question and presents other collaborations between ECAL and EPFL.
Download article HERE.

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Particle filter-based camera tracker fusing marker and feature point cues

The paper entitled:
Particle filter-based camera tracker fusing marker and feature point cues
has been accepted for oral presentation in the IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging Symposium 2007. This article is part of the Proceedings of the Visual Communications and Image Processing conference.
Download pdf.

This paper presents a video-based camera tracker that combines marker-based and feature point-based cues within a particle filter framework. The framework relies on their complementary
performances. On the one hand, marker-based trackers can robustly recover camera position and orientation when a reference (marker) is available but fail once the reference becomes unavailable. On the other hand, filter-based camera trackers using feature point cues can still provide predicted estimates given the previous state. However, the trackers tend to drift and usually fail to recover when the reference reappears. Therefore, we propose a fusion where the estimate of the filter is updated from the individual measurements of each cue. More precisely, the marker-based cue is selected when the reference is available whereas the feature point-based cue is selected otherwise. Evaluations on real cases show that the fusion of the two approaches outperforms the individual tracking results.

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Philippe Rahm's "Form & function follow climate" at CCA


Following his thematic Workshop#3 ("Function follows climate"), in the frame of the *Variable_environment/* research project, Philippe Rahm continued to work on his project and it became an exhibition combined with an edition: "Form & function follow climate" at The Centre Canadien d'Architecture in Montreal, Canada. The famous "Nouveau roman" French writer, Alain Robbe-Grillet, wrote all the texts and dialogues for the architectural software "Form & function follow climate". The school, assistants and research project are credited in the publication.
environ%28ne%29ment_009_s.jpg environ%28ne%29ment_010_s.jpg
environ%28ne%29ment_001_s.jpg environ%28ne%29ment_003_s.jpg
environ%28ne%29ment_007_s.jpg environ%28ne%29ment_006_s.jpg

You can also read this article (pdf version) from MONITOR #42 about the project and exhibition
Or check this other one (pdf version) from FRAME #56.

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Contribution to opensource: jARToolkit

During the development of the common platform for demonstration purposes, Christian Babski (fabric|ch) encountered a bug in the opensource code of jARToolkit. Marcelo Fernandez and David Marimon (Signal Processing Institute - EPFL) have successfully solved this bug and reported it to the SourceForge community.

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Symposium sur la recherche en design

Le projet *Variable Environment* a été présenté le 24 juin 2005 lors du Symposium sur la recherche en design, organisé par le Swiss Design Network à la HGKZ.

Slides de la présentation: variable_environment_ecal_epfl.pdf [5 Mb]
Flyer du symposium: programm.pdf

Pour plus d'information, contactez christophe.guignard@ecal.ch

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A text/ Publication about the project in Traçés

A first publication written by Christophe Guignard and I in september 2004 that was published in Traçés. The text spoke about the collaboration between ECAL and EPFL and about the general concepts for this specific and first research project together (Variable environment/ interaction city and crossovers).
variable1.jpg variable1.jpg
Download the pdf of the text

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