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06. 07. 2005  16:40 | 04_Workshop_1 , 09_EPFL , 10_Partners , 12_Curated_posts

EPFL - STI - Signal Processing Institute

The Signal Processing Institute of the EPFL (Swiss federal Institute of Technology), Prof. Touradj Ebrahimi and Phd student David Marimon Sanjuan are partners of the Ra&D project Variable environment/.
The Institute belongs to the "Sciences et Techniques de l'ingénieur" faculty.

David Marimon's PHD research is about an EPFL's extension (vision and signal processing) to the open source software AR Toolkit. The software they are working on is therefore dedicated to Augmented Reality.

Check out a description about their technology HERE.

Posted by patrick keller at 6. 07. 2005 16:40