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20. 05. 2005  11:32 | 00_References_&_Start

Personal "mobile environment"/ Mishmash / 2005 situation (& kind of distopia?)

Meanwhile, 40 years after these architectural "mobile environment utopias" (see further posts on this page), we've come to this situation!
It is pretty clear that it has moved from a specific architectural question to an undefined one (bit of micro-space, bit of micro-urbanity --networks--, bit of objects, bit of mobile computing & communication, bit of visual environment, bit of interaction, even clothes, ...). Who is now the designer for such an environment? For this kind of inherited "bric à brac" from different times?
The purpose of the project will be to re-investigate these objects/situations and this old utopia that has now become a very contemporary design problem: mobility!
See also for more images under the "Situations" menu.
See as well the different partners from ECAL, from EPFL and from the professional field implied in the project.

Posted by patrick keller at 20. 05. 2005 11:32