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15. 06. 2005  17:00 |

Reduced - AR

Among the first inputs & sketches to the project, our approach of AR projects would be dedicated to low end devices (like cellphones, pda, portable game stations, camera & video camera, oqo-like computers, etc.), even if it is nowadays a bit too early for that kind of content on such devices.
The sketch above resume pretty well our first approach even if it on purpose a bit stupid: a "computer" or a "television" replaced by an AR sign that would make the content visible from your cellphone (or other suitable device) only and no more from within the real space. It is a way to say that any AR sign would become a kind of super cheap or low-tech way to put "screen" content in localised space. In this case, the sign would be a substitute to the object "television". We can therefore say that it is both a reduced & augmented reality.

Posted by patrick keller at 15. 06. 2005 17:00