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27. 07. 2005  14:36 | 07_Diverse , 09_EPFL , 12_Curated_posts

Announcement: Public Release of ARToolKitPlus

Dear all AR developers,

due to many requests we release our (until now) internal version of ARToolKit, called ARToolKitPlus.

ARToolKitPlus is not a successor to the original ARToolKit, which is still further developed and supported. In fact we can assure that we will not have the capacity to provide a similar extensive support as is currently done for ARToolKit.

ARToolKitPlus could actually be called ARToolKitMinus, since we removed all support for reading cameras and rendering VRML.
What's left is an enhanced version of ARToolKit's vision core (those files that you can find in lib\SRC\AR in the ARToolKit distribution).

Main new features are:
- C++ class-based API (compile-time parametrization using templates)
- 512 id-based markers (no speed penalty due to large number of markers)
- New camera pixel-formats (RGB565, Gray)
- Variable marker border width
- Many speed-ups for low-end devices (fixed-point arithmetic, look-up tables, etc.)
- Tools: pattern-file to TGA converter, pattern-file mirroring, off-line camera callibration, id-marker generator

ARToolKitPlus is known to compile for VS.NET 2003, VC 6.0, eVC 4.0.

The project's webpage can be found at
http://studierstube.org/handheld_ar/artoolkitplus.php where you can find a more detailed overview about the changes, the API documentation, some short code samples and a download link.

PLEASE NOTE: This version of ARToolKit is only targeted to experienced
C++ programmers. It does not read camera images or render geometry of
any kind (especially no VRML support) nor is it an out-of-the box solution. In contrast to the original ARToolKit, this library is not meant for starters in developing AR software. No binary executables (execept for some tools) are provided.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please send them to me or the artoolkit mailing list.

Daniel Wagner
aqppeared in ARFORUM on the 13th May 05

Posted by david.marimon at 27. 07. 2005 14:36