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13. 02. 2006  14:47 | 03_Sketches_&_Projects_2 , 12_Curated_posts

Annotating AR Stickers / Signalétique 'ready-made'

stickerbox_00.jpg stickerbox_01.jpg

Simple black square (black frame) stickers at different sizes that you can stick anyware. What is framed creates the specific and unique AR sign.
They can go on a book to "rich media" annotate it or illustrate it, they can go on a personal map for the same reason, or on a table, chair in a bar or at its doorstep, etc. Content would be here created by any end-user that would like annotate environment or objects, probably with its cellphone. The application would work that way.

stickerbox_02.jpg stickerbox_03.jpg
stickerbox_04.jpg stickerbox_05.jpg

Posted by patrick keller at 13. 02. 2006 14:47