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15. 05. 2006  15:15 | 04_Workshop_2 , 12_Curated_posts

Workshop's result: Virtual Presence

Project by Simeon Raymond
Video Presentation (14min flash8)

This is a research about different possibilities of light. The intensity, the colours, the different light emitting materials and cycles of natural light.
A plastic research about light projections and the way they reveal spaces and edges was made. The animation of those projections suggest a presence like a fish aquarium or light projection of a TV screen. In a simple way, Simeon tried to bind virtual space as Google earth to a physical space. The way to trigger a light animation is not a precise action as a click but a more poetic action as moving the cursor near a friend’s house in Google earth.

Video flash8

Posted by aude at 15. 05. 2006 15:15