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07. 09. 2006  14:58 | 03_Sketches_&_Projects_4

VTSC System - Testing

VTSC (Visual Tracking of Spatial Configurations) was successfully installed and launched on a Mini Mac running Windows XP through the use of Bootcamp. VTSC software will be necessary to achieve a spatial tracking for workshop#4

The tested configuration includes the use of one Mac Mini, 4 USB webcams from Logitech (Quickcam for Notebook Pro), a USB Hub and a heterogeneous set of cable length for each connected webcams (see picture below).

The very last driver from Logitech (version 10.X) seems to generate problems (kernel using 100% CPU time and JMF crash when accessing to a webcam video stream). These problems can be avoided by using a driver version 9.X. The moderator was also running on the same Mini Mac without major frame rate loss.

Mini Mac may be the system that will be used for the final setup, when the connection with SWIS laboratory - EPFL's e-puck controller will be performed.
The Logitech's Quickcam pro also serves us as a base for the (web)camera objects.

Posted by fabric | ch at 7. 09. 2006 14:58