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22. 12. 2006  10:30 | 01_Mobility_&_Mashup_Situations , 02_Project_Links_&_Ressources_4 , 12_Curated_posts

Metropolitan world atlas

Metropolitan world atlas by 010 Publishers presents collected data about major cities on earth. All main data are displayed through graphics, so as the variation of those main cities over time, in particluar the increase of exchanges between them (communication, transportation by car, plane, boat, etc.). It is definitely a good source to speak about a global urban network and about the mobility or communication within it.

l_cities001_s.jpg l_cities002_s.jpg
l_cities003_s.jpg l_cities004_s.jpg
l_cities006_s.jpg l_cities007_s.jpg

Posted by patrick keller at 22. 12. 2006 10:30