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10. 01. 2007  10:44 | 01_Mobility_&_Mashup_Situations , 02_Project_Links_&_Ressources_4 , 12_Curated_posts

Resurgence/revival of the avatar or the "2nd lifes/worlds" kind of questions

In an article published in MAKE Magazine volume 07 ("News from the future" section by Tim O'Reilly), you'll find an interesting short essay about first, second and possibly third life and about yet another mishmash situation (our own body in this case).
There is also an interview of Tor Lindstrand on Archinect about Architecture's Second Life and a recent post about Google earth + sketchup by Nicolas Nova on Pasta & Vinegar.
That's a revival! Possibly the first one in the digital era since the arcade/pixel games nostalgia. What about avatars wearing late 90'ies like clothes in 2nd life!?
I'm personnaly not a big fan of those kind of "duplicated reality" approaches for 2nd worlds where you should rather face Moore's law than the gravity one. But it's funny to consider that such projects, which were buzz but not working at all 10 years ago (think about the 2nd world of Canal+ where we produced a "digital museum" back in 1999), are now complete buzz again.
It looks like there is definitely a before and an after Google earth, MySpace, 2ndLife, etc. and that the conditions to see a more massive presence of so called "virtual worlds" (and then possibly deeper hybridization between 1st & 2nd) are now joined together (partly because of technical issues but also essentially because those environments are now part of the daily social network).

Posted by patrick keller at 10. 01. 2007 10:44