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01. 06. 2007  17:42 | 02_Project_Links_&_Ressources_4

Book: Responsive environments, Architecture, Art and Design

Writer and curator Lucy Bullivant published last year a book about *Responsive environments" for the Victoria and Alberts Publications. She also published last year a book about "4d space".
Responsive environments --"by definition spaces that interact with the people who use them, pass through them or by them" says Lucy Bullivant (what about other type of interactions I would ask? interactions with climate, dynamic charts and data, energy consumption, etc.?)-- designed by different persons or teams with different backgrounds and objectives (that include architecture, design and arts) show a common interests for the ongoing transformations in our everyday "livable environments", even if most of these projects reveals to be still quite experimental at the moment.
The book presents projects by Ben Hooker/Shona Kitchen or Philippe Rahm (who both did a workshop for the Variable_environment/ research project), HeHe, Usman Haque, the "relational architecture" of Raphael Lozano-Hemmer, the "bix" media facade and communication architecture of Realities:United for Peter Cook (former Archigram's member) and many other projects.
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