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07. 06. 2007  17:44 | 11_Undergraduate_works

THERMAWALL, thermal wallpaper

by Vincent Jacquier et Guilhem Moreau (MID-ECAL)
Thermawall is a set of thermal wallpapers. Once applied on the walls of a room, they give people a sense of the climatic/warm-cold conditions inside this space thanks to the evolution of their visual outputs. The patterns and possibly colors on the wallpapers evolve according to the climatic conditions that occur inside that room (or human activities that have an impact on micro-climatic conditions).
The inks used on the wallpapers are set to trigger specific patterns on predefined threshold temperature, the variations from summer to winter being taken into account. The quick time response from the material enables anyone to fully interact with the wallpapers' patterns and illustrations, wich have been designed using "feng shui" as a starting point.
Regarding the visual choices driving the design of the wallpapers, we've chosen shapes and patterns representing several main "elements" or "matters" : water, fire, wood, air and earth so to confront them between each other and to highlight their antithetic relations.
Ultimately, the all project acts as a room display that shows the effects of one person or a group of persons activity/ies on its surrounding and could be perceived as a visual comment on the "global warming" problem.

Have a look to the set of pictures presenting the wallpaper's book or download it's pdf version (17mb).

therma_repro020_m.jpg therma_repro021_m.jpg
therma_repro022_m.jpg therma_repro023_m.jpg


Check Thermawall's video (flash video, 2 min).

trmwl_video1.jpg trmwl_video2.jpg

Posted by patrick keller at 7. 06. 2007 17:44