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12. 05. 2005  11:03 | 00_References_&_Start , 12_Curated_posts


A set of books, works, publications and essays are sourrounding the start of our work with the *variable environment* or the *mobile environment* theme. Those references are not necessarily close to our subject at all time, but in any case, they inspire us on a certain angle (theory, design --interaction, visual, objects--, space or micro-space).
As you will notice, these references are quite eclectic: it underlines the fact that our approach is quite transversal (linking the work of designers --interaction, visual, objects--, architects, scientists), rhizomatic and post-modern rather than disciplinary. There is also a lack of good documentation about mobile (media) environments at the time we start this project.
The books seen on this picture and that serves us as references are (without any specific order):
__O. Eliasson, Sourroundings Surrounded. Essays on space and science, The MIT Press, Cambridge USA, 2001
__B. Mau, Massive change, Phaidon, New- York, 2004
__E. Sadin, éc/artS #3, éc/artS, Orléans, 2003
__I. Borden, Skateboarding, space and the city, Berg, New-York, 2001
__L. Orta, Process of transformation, Jean-Michel Place, Paris 1998
__R. & E. Bouroullec, R. & E. Bouroullec, Phaidon, New-York, 2003
__J. Cardiff, The missing voice, Artangel, London, 1999
__C. Nicolai, Auto Pilot, Raster Noton, Berlin, 2002
__T. Dunne & F. Raby, Design Noir, the secret life of electronic objects, Birkhäuser, Basel, 2001
__M. Serres, Hominescence, Le Pommier, Paris, 2001
__J. E. Katz & M. Aakhuis, Perpetual Contact, Cambridge UK, 2002
__S. Topham, Move House, Prestel, Munich, 2004
__Norm, The Things, Norm, Zürich, 2002
__S. Sadler, ARCHIGRAM, Architecture without Architecture, The MIT Press, Cambridge USA, 2005
__Vitra, Airworld, Vitra Design Museum, Weil-am-Rhein, 2004
__D. Rouillard, Superarchitecture, La Villette, Paris, 2004
__Vitra, Living in motion, Vitra design Museum, weil-am-Rhein, 2004
__Makrolab, Makrolab: North 056° 48' 182'', West 003° 58' 299'', Elevation 1276ft, The Arts catalyst, Liverpool, 2003
__O. Eliasson, Your Lighthouse, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, 2004
__fabric | ch, fabric 7 ch, Pro Helvetia, Zürich, 2004
__Avenir suisse, Urbanscape Switzerland, Birkhäuser, Basel, 2004
__Décosterd et Rahm, Distortions, HYX, Paris, 2005
__F. Raby, Project #26765 - Flirt: flexible information and recreation for mobile users, RCA, London, 2001
__E. Sadin, Poésie Atomique, éc/artS, Orléans, 2004
__J. Thackara, In the bubble, designing in a complex world, MIT Press, Cambridge USA, 2005
__W. Maas, Five minute city, Architecture and [Im]mobility, Episode, Rotterdam, 2003
__Décosterd et Rahm, Architecture physiologique, Birkhäuser, Basel, 2002
__S. Graham, The cybercities reader, Routledge, London, 2004
__W. J. Mitchell, e-topia, The MIT Press, Cambridge USA, 1999
__W. J. Mitchell, City of bits, THE MIT Press, Cambridge USA, 1995
__D. Schenk, Data Smog, Harper, San Francisco, 1998
__R. C. Rutsky, High Techné, UM Press, Minneapolis, 1999
__S. Wilson, Information arts, intersection of art, science and technology, The MIT Press, Cambridge 2002
__T. Blume & G. Langenbrick, DOT.CITY, Relational urbanism and new media, Bauhaus, Dessau, 2004

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