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21. 06. 2005  15:55 | 02_Project_Links_&_Ressources_1 , 12_Curated_posts

Visual Markers for camera / Related technologies

Following Bram's post, there are several technologies where visual markers for mobile camera (the target is the phone camera obviously) are involved. I mention here the most known. In the following cases, the purpose is to tag the real environment (objects, space, buildings, etc.) with digital and dynamic content.
The ARToolkit has a poor visual language but is the only one where mixed or augmented reality (i its traditional sense as i think that mixed reality is far more than 3d digital content on top of real world) is involved so far, so has the other ones who look rather like bar codes. They are all context related but semacode and spotcode add interactivity.
marker_artoolkit.jpg ARTOOLKIT
marker_mrohs.jpg VISUAL CODES (ETHZ)
marker_qrcode.jpg QR CODE
marker_semacode.jpg SEMACODE
marker_spotcode.jpg SPOTCODE

(Thanks Enrico Costanza & Christian Babski for these informations)

Posted by patrick keller at 21. 06. 2005 15:55