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15. 05. 2006  15:21 | 04_Workshop_2 , 12_Curated_posts

Workshop's result: Ebay x–change point

Project by Tatiana Rihs & Aude Genton
Video presentation (30min flash8)

Ebay offers displays to meet and exchange what you sell on internet, there are 7 points placed in stations only in Switzerland.

This project is a range of concrete displays to exchange virtual or concrete objects. A bench to share advices, with an edge to confess secrets… and all together it makes a kind of market that needs low tech security.
Image 1.jpg
Image 2.jpg
Image 6.jpg
Image 10.jpg
Image 16.jpg
Image 17.jpg

At the end of the week we also thought of other kind of relation between virtual and concrete life, as a cemetery for virtual caracters, a prison for virtual crimes and machines to pass objects from one world to the other.
Image 14.jpg
Image 8.jpg
Image 9.jpg
Image 15.jpg

Posted by aude at 15. 05. 2006 15:21