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15. 05. 2006  15:23 | 01_Mobility_&_Mashup_Situations , 04_Workshop_2

Existing mishmash situations' analysis (workshop Ben Hooker)


During the first two days of this workshop, a lot of stuff came out.
We discussed about it and inspired each other in different ways.

Nicolas was on the RSS feeds and how the information system works.
He was also interrested about the free news paper and the video news in the waiting rooms, the rail station, gaz station etc.

Tatiana, Aude and Bram thought about whats behind compagnies such as Amazon, Ebay or Google.

Questions concerning the traffic jam were also mentioned.
How does it work, what's behinf the traffic lamps, what happened if ther is an accident etc.

Valerio decide to explore the Google Earth map and discovered some strange results related to the software.

Siméon wanted to work with the indirect light such as TV screens or laptop screens. For example, in the dark, a lot of pepople us their cell phone as a real lamp.

Posted by patrick keller at 15. 05. 2006 15:23