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11. 12. 2006  16:32 | 04_Workshop_5 , 12_Curated_posts

Workshop's result: Lunatic Room

Project by Eric Morzier & Camille Scherrer
Video Presentation (11min flash8)

The Lunatic Room is a magic bedroom influenced by the moon cycles.
Curtains, wallpapers and bed textiles are used as displays.
The main goal of this project was to let the nature's strengths come deep inside our environment and make us more aware of mother nature...

material references


The moon cycle lasts 29 days (new moon is the first day, full moon on the 15th day, etc.) and as we all know, the moon affects the nature (tides, earth tides, etc.) and according to different mythologies, superstitious sayings, and almanacs, each day of the moon has some particular effects on different things around us and on our behaviour and body.
As the bedroom is the place where we spend the most of our night time, we decided to explore different possibilities of making the room protective and informative about what’s going on under the moon rays.

Then we have chosen to work with curtains, tapestries and bed covers as a display:
• Curtains are more or less a shield against moon rays.
• The bed cover is acting as a radiograph which displays the weak bodies.
• Wallpapers are working as an almanac showing all the superstitions and mythologies.

We took three cases as examples:
• 3rd day (new moon): According to almanacs, it’s a harmful day for humans, death is around but it’s a good day to start a new business. It’s also a bad day for eyes, teeth and blood circulation in hands. Good for plants and sowing.
• 15th day: The full moon is purifying blood and people are turning mad. It’s good to cut your hairs under the moon rays. The cry of the owl means the anguish of sick people. Be careful of the wolves in the woods.
• 27th day (last quart): Favourable to the stomach, it’s a good day for baby conception. Animals are ready to be hunted, go hunting and fishing. Let you hairs grow but exposing yourself under moon rays may turn you ugly. It’s often a lucky day.

We can easily adapt this room to other phenomena like atmospheric pressure, seasons, migrations, etc.

Animation_1 (flash8)

Animation_2 (flash8)

the almanach

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