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03. 03. 2007  14:15 | 04_Workshop_4

Other related works & sketches

RIMG_0001_s.jpg RIMG_0002_s.jpg
We first had in mind to work with flying flocks of robots (see sketches above from last spring 2006), still with the same kind of functional/spatial variability in mind. This in part because Prof. Alcherio Martinoli and Dr. Julien Nembrini already worked on a similar project.
It would have been probably more convincing as an architectural scale. But it revealed to be far too expensive and out of our time frame perspective. That's why we switched on the E-Puck solution. The two sketches shown here were linked to that first approach.
At the time of the project, the Mascarillons project and the Flying flock (to compare to the Instant city project of Archigram, again!) was something we had saw. Since then, Ruairi Glynn and the Bartlett School of Architecture did a research work in that direction so as the Art Center Pasadena. We were also interested in the LIS-EPFL's blimp because it's using vision to fly, it therefore needs a pretty straight visual environment...

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