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03. 03. 2007  12:35 | 04_Workshop_4 , 12_Curated_posts

Workshop#4 results: Microfunctions robots

How all the evolving micro-functions for table would finally look like on the E-Pucks (no material indication yet). We developed this rolling & modular approach under our AD with two object designers, ECAL's Ra&D assistants: Laurent Soldini and Julien Ayer.
Colors are to show the different modular parts of the "Rolling microfunctions" and all of the related objects possibilities. Then four different functional aggregations among many possible (a candlestick, a plate, an "eating sushi and a "reading" configurations).

03_EPuckRendu_Chandelier_s.jpg 04_EPuckRendu_Plateau_s.jpg
05_EPuckRendu_Bureau_s.jpg 06_EPuckRendu_Sushis_s.jpg

Posted by patrick keller at 3. 03. 2007 12:35