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26. 06. 2007  10:18 | 01_Mobility_&_Mashup_Situations , 02_Project_Links_&_Ressources_4

Possibilities to geolocate Youtube video into Google Map

After books and books locations being mapped into Google Earth (or trying to...), Google is working on the geo mapping of video content from Youtube.

This excerpt taken from Google Earth Blog: "The brief mention on the new feature in the YouTube blog doesn't tell us anything about what they've planned for this new capability. But, given the ability of Google Maps to show video clips inside placemark descriptions, it can't be that long before they have an ability to show YouTube videos based on location in Google Maps. In fact, I'm sure they are somehow creating KML files associated with the locations of the videos and will be able to show videos tied to a search for a location. There will be even more possibilities when they can have a KML network link to show video locations in either Google Earth or Google Maps. Having an ability to access YouTube videos which are geotagged with an API would be really nice. And, hopefully they will allow people to add location to existing YouTube videos."

Read the full post about it here.


Within this context, I also mention this long article ---Second Earth--- published in the latest MIT Technology review about the potential merging of projects like Google Earth and 2nd life and where they make an analysis of "Mirror worlds" vs "Virtual worlds" vs "Metaverse"! As well as a description of actual technologies or projects that will contribute to the emergence of such parallel worlds.

Posted by patrick keller at 26. 06. 2007 10:18