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03. 07. 2007  12:09 | 13_Results_(phase#1)

Variable_environment/'s results

Variable_environment/ mobility, interaction city and crossovers has been a research project in design, architecture and engineering for a bit more than two years now. It has also been a blog during the same period where we've posted most of what we've been doing for this research and around this "variable environment" topic.
We will publish most of the project results later this afternoon under section 13_Results_(phase#1) of the blog. Unfortunately (for English speaking persons), all the texts will be in French due to the fact that they also have to serve for a coming paper edition. This edition will be dedicated mostly to French speaking readers... But as it will be entirely constituted by blog's posts (a summary of all what have been done), it will also contain lots of English texts.
The pdf version of this edition will also be downloadable soon on the 13_Results_(phase#1) part of this blog.

Posted by patrick keller at 3. 07. 2007 12:09