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20. 05. 2006  14:49 | 03_Sketches_&_Projects_3 , 12_Curated_posts

XjARToolkit - Version 1.0

The official first version of Xj3D was released. Some adaptations of our previous work were needed in order to allow the mix between Xj3D version 1.0 and jARToolkit (in the same way it was previously made with Xj3D version M10).
In comparison with the previous version of XjARToolkit, by taking benefit of Xj3D version 1.0 libraries, all objects are now correctly mapped, including mpeg movies. This is a direct benefit of chosing a 'still alive' open technology like Xj3D in comparison with openVRML. Please, refer to previous post for a direct comparison.

XjARToolkit 1.0 will be the basis for end-user examples in order to implement interaction & behaviors tree



Posted by christian_babski at 20. 05. 2006 14:49