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19. 07. 2006  15:43 | 03_Sketches_&_Projects_3 , 12_Curated_posts

"AR Ready" simple objects based on AR signs/patterns

ar_papier-peint_s.jpg ar_t-shirt_s.jpg ar_cahier_s.jpg
ar_tampon_s.jpg ar_stickers_s.jpg ar_postit_s.jpg
Based upon the AR signs & patterns being developed by Tatiana Rihs (project's assistant for graphic design), we will be able to revamp lots of oldtech or paper based products adding to them AR, media, dynamic/networked content & interaction functionalities. They will become "AR ready" products.
We will use our XjARToolkit software for such extended rich media functionalities.
First samples by Tatiana includes wallpapers, t-shirts, papetries, post-its, ink plugs, stickers, posters, badges, fabric, etc.

Posted by patrick keller at 19. 07. 2006 15:43