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19. 07. 2006  15:20 | 03_Sketches_&_Projects_3 , 12_Curated_posts

Some illustrated applications

appli-ar_tvshirt.jpg appli-ar_tvshirt_01.jpg
Bram Dauw (project assistant for Media & Interaction Design) is working on potential applications for the "AR" technology and possibly for the "Video Tracking of Spatial Configuration" as well. They imply the use of the "AR" signs and patterns or "AR-ready" products as well as the analysis and tracking of spatial configurations. Applications like an "I Love TV" t-shirt that would lit your TV up when you enter its field of vision or, depending on days, an "I Hate TV" that would on the contrary shut it down. By extension, you could imagine any interaction between a shirt or a sign in space, its location being tracked by the camera and a contextual triggered event. Or "AR" memory stickers that would let you cover your suitcase all over, helping you stick AR media memory items to it. Same with badges on clothes or even a strange t-shirt that would let you blur your image in front of monitoring camera! Or post-it applications, or wallpapers ones, or etc.

Posted by patrick keller at 19. 07. 2006 15:20