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03. 03. 2007  14:10 | 04_Workshop_4

Behaviors, rules and grid based basic patterns

We finally used a 160cm x 160cm table for our tests. Much smaller than what we initially wanted... but this was both due to the size of the room we had for tests and as well as for development comfort.
We produced a webcamera tracking configuration for this particular table (8 camera, 2 mini macs for the users tracking) and a set of organisational rules for the robots. Robots did not have to reach those specific configurations if such or such users' configuration was activated, but rather tend to its achievement.

RIMG_0022_s.jpg RIMG_0023_s.jpg
RIMG_0025_m.jpg RIMG_0026_s.jpg

Posted by patrick keller at 3. 03. 2007 14:10